We are pleased to present a downloadable document detailing the history of our first 50 years.  Grab your copy here


We recommend that you download the history file rather than read it directly from the site as there are anchor links in the contents page that are only available if downloaded.




Roselea  Football Club turned 50 - yes, we are proud to say that we  have been providing the opportunity for children and adults to play football for 50 years


Past members can contact us through the contact sheet on our website or call Stuart. Please let us have your email, telephone number and  address and we will let you know what is happening with our celebrations. We are particularly interested in contacting all of our life members.


Many thanks to Maria Wylie and Olive Collins for their contributions. These wonderful ladies whom are both Life Members had written our history up to 2000. The account was thought to have been lost, but Maria had a copy which she kindly loaned to us. The rest is history!!!


Did you know that one of the founders of the Club - Bill 'Pop" Williams was not only a life member of Roselea but also of GHFA. Bill was also recognised at one stage as the oldest referee in Australia and throughout the Commonwealth.


In 1968 the managers kit included 3 spare pairs of  laces in case of a mishap!


A new strip will be unveiled for the start of next season and  we are planning a number of events including a bush dance for MiniRoos families - ages 6-9; a 50th anniversary dinner dance and a trivia night.


We are also looking at collecting any memorabilia that people might have sitting in the cupboards to put on display. GHFA/NWSWF Premiers, Champions and Pennant winners banners will be hung up in the Harold West club house so if you have anything tucked away, please contact Stuart.


Life Members 

Below is a list of Roselea Football Club Life Members.  Without their dedication and invaluable contribution over the years, Roselea would not be the club that it is today.

Bill WilliamsRuth AppsDavid LittlePauline Little
Malcolm EdwardsGreg ChristieIan TredinnickDorothy Tredinnick 
Fred Sommershoff Susan Sommershoff Barbara Hall Barry Kitchener 
Sergio Milotich Jeanette Milotich Harry Poulos Maria Poulos 
Ray Catts Helen Botfield Peter Sailer Bruce Keyvar 
Reg Bell Bob Walcot Glenn Morris Ken Schneider 
Nancy Schneider Ian McColl Kevin Weaver (dec)Graeme Sayer (1996) 
Jim Creech (1996) Col Vaughan (1996) Rhonda Darley (1996) Bruce Darley (1996) 
Val Hutchings (1997) Steve Ironside (1998) Bruce MacFadyen (1998) Maria Wylie (1999) 
Olive Collins (1999) Charlie Hutchings (2000) Fred Watson (2001) Terrie Gorrie (2002) 
Olly Shetstowsky (2002) Chris Neilson (2003) Mark Germano (2007) Kerri O'Shannassy (2008) 
Rob Laird (2009) Maria Germano (2010) Jeremy Billings (2011) Peter Morrison (2013) 
Ray Anjoul (2014)  Adrian Aalders (2015) Stuart Harvey  (2016) 


Col Wilson Memorial Plaque for Most Outstanding Club Member(s) 

Below is a list of members who have received the Col Wilson Memorial Plaque for their outstanding contribution to the club.  These recipients have been recognised for ?going the extra mile? to help the Club.


1995 Maria Wylie1996 Olive Collins 1997 Terrie Gorrie1998 Fred Watson
1999 Olly Shestowsky 2000 Braydon French 2000 Shane Fink 2001 Rob Laird 
2002 Fran Neilson 2003 Mark Germano 2004 Brian Mitchell 2005 Adrian Aalders 
2006 Kerri O?Shannassy 2007 Tona Belcastro 2008 Ian Jenkins 2008 Ben King
2009 Ben Gerard 2010 Peter Morrison 2011 Brad Ray 2012 Dave Taylor 
2012 Blake O'Shannassy2013 Geoff Mayhew 2014 Lynette Harrison  2015 Leanne Bohannon
2016 Angela Anjoul   

Platinum Partner


Silver Partner



Bronze Partners

Club Contacts

President | Peter Morrison
0413 014 558 |
Vice President Minis | Michael Zhao
0481 331 066 |
Vice President Juniors | Crystal Leung
Vice President Seniors | Jeremy Billings
0421 665 468  |
Vice President Womens | Rohan Primrose
0418 475 171  |
Registrar | Wen Wen
0402 087 829  |