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• The first round of GHFA Competition will be on the weekend of 1 & 2 April 2017

• Premiership competition rounds to finish on July 8 (subject to wash out rescheduling)

• Non-competitive age groups U6-U11 to finish August 12

• Note there is no play over the Easter weekend

• PL & SL and 6 team competitions also play on Queens Birthday Monday June 12

• Championship finals – all divisions: August 19/20

• PL & SL Grand Finals – August 26/27



GHFA is promoting a respect program through all Clubs.  We are proud to say that Roselea is taking a leading role in this campaign. We have been involved in the development of the program which will continue to roll out over the next few years.

We have made a commitment to encourage positive behaviour by showing respect to all participants in our beautiful game whether it is as a player, coach, referee or spectator. Our new jerseys have a respect logo on the left arm. This has been done to show our commitment to the program.

The aim of the program is to promote respect of:

• The match officials, without whom the game would be much less enjoyable

• The opposition, without whom there would be no game

• The rules, which keep the game fair and safe.

• Yourself, set yourself standards and stick to them no matter what the opposition does.

Click the links below for information sheets for:

Coaches   Managers   Parents   Players

Please take the time to read them.  


The following material is made available to coaches to assist them. The material is proprietary information and remains the property of the Owner. 


Coaching materials

Click the link for Coaching materials

Files to download

Small Sided Games in Youth Football

Training Planner

Training Programs for Young Players

E- Books 

1-4-3-3 Formation Information

Kicking the ball techniques - part 1

Kicking the ball techniques - part 2


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Club Contacts

President | Peter Morrison
0413 014 558 | president@roseleafootballclub.com
Vice President Minis | Michael Zhau
0481 331 066 | vpminis@roseleafootballclub.com
Vice President Juniors | Crystal Leung
Vice President Seniors | Jeremy Billings
0421 665 468  | vpseniors@roseleafootballclub.com
Vice President Womens | Rohan Primrose
0418 475 171  | vpwomens@roseleafootballclub.com
Registrar | Wen Wen
0402 087 829  | registrar@roseleafootballclub.com