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Working With Children Check (WWCC)

and Member Protection Declarations (MPD)

Under current state legislation anyone volunteering as a team coach or manager, or an assistant coach or assistant manager for a sport or activity for children under the age of 18 – unless they are exempt – MUST have a Working with Children Check through the office of the Children’s Guardian.

It is now Illegal:

  •  For a person to work or volunteer with children (u18) if they require a WWC Number and have not provided their WWC Number to their club.
  •  For a club to engage a person in paid or voluntary work with children (u18) if a person requires a WWC Number and has not provided the club with a WWC Number.
  •  For a club to not verify WWC Numbers provided to them and have on record the details of each verification.

An exemption to this ruling is for an adult who’s only involvement in the club is with a team that includes your own child or other close relative. Most of you will fall under this exempt category, and are therefore only required to complete the attached Member Protection Declaration and return it to me. This is an annual form that must be kept on record by the club for 3 years, so even if you completed this declaration last year, please complete again for the 2017 season and return it to the Member Protection Officer, Geoff Mayhew.


If you have any involvement with any team other than one that includes your own child, you are not exempt and MUST complete a full WWCC prior to any involvement with any team. Please complete this check as a matter of urgency and send me your application number so that I can get a temporary verification with the Office of the Children's Guardian. You then need to send me your actual WWCC No when it is approved.  The WWCC is free to obtain for volunteers and is completed online, but you do need to go to a Service NSW office for ID verification. The link to the WWCC site is: go to the Start here tab on the right side of the page, then Apply for your check.


For your reference a copy of the current FFA Member Protection Policy can be found at


By law, you cannot have any involvement in children’s sport until you have provided the club with a WWCC – or valid APP No – and it has been verified (or Member Protection Declaration if exempt). This includes but is not limited to any activities such as grading, training, coaching clinics, trials, and matches.


Please reply with either:

• Your WWCC Number (or APP No after you have been to the RMS to have your ID verified), your Date of Birth, WWCC expiry date and your contact phone number.


• Your Member Protection Declaration if exempt as described above. Please fill in the Member Protection Declaration form by downloading the form here.


These must be received and verified BEFORE you have any further involvement with your respective teams.


For senior teams coaches and managers, you may be exempt if your team does not include any children under the age of 18, but for transparency throughout the club I am asking that you also complete the declaration. This then covers you should you need to get replacements from younger teams through the season or if you may have any other involvement with younger teams or individuals.


Club Contacts

President | Peter Morrison
0413 014 558 |
Vice President Minis | Michael Zhao
0481 331 066 |
Vice President Juniors | Crystal Leung
Vice President Seniors | Jeremy Billings
0421 665 468  |
Vice President Womens | Rohan Primrose
0418 475 171  |
Registrar | Gayle Morrisonn
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