The Club

Roselea Soccer Club was established in 1967 and in 2005 became Roselea Football Club.  


Currently we field 50 teams consisting of approx. 650 players. Roselea plays in the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association (GHFA) and the North West Sydney Women?s Football (NWSWF) and has teams for all ages and levels of ability, Teams consist of both boys and girls, from Under 6 to Under 16 and Senior Teams from U17, All Age, Over 35, Over 45.



The format for players is:


MiniROOS - under 6-11

MiniRoos Teams play small sided games in a non-competitive structure.  All "MinisRoos" are placed in teams with their friends; generally according to the school they attend. They are encouraged to have fun in a non-competitive environment. This is encouraged through parents, coaches and managers. The entire GHFA area is broken into zones to reduce the amount of travelling involved at the younger age groups.  Matches are played at various times on Saturday mornings. Under 6 and 7 play 4 a side with usually 2 reserves on a pitch 20 x 30m. Under 8  and 9 play 7 a side with a goal keeper  on a pitch 35 x 45m. Under 10 and under 11 play in teams of 9 a side with a maximum of 3 reserves on a ¾ size field with a goalkeeper. Under 9-11 teams are graded so players of similar ability play against each other.


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Junior Competitive teams. (Ages 12-16).

Under 12 to Under 16, play in teams of 11 players on a full sized field. Players in the junior competitive age groups are individually graded (by the Club?s grading committee) so they are, where possible, playing with and against players of similar ability. Matches are played at various times on Saturday.



Senior Teams (Under 17 to All Age, Over 35's, Over 45's).

 These competitions are played under normal FIFA rules.  This provides the opportunity for all "senior" players to play at different levels of ability as they grow with Roselea. It includes the over 35, over 45 competitions. 



Girls & Women's  League.

This competition is played with all the rules of the North West Sydney Women?s Football. Under 7 to Under 11 play non-competitive MiniRoos in the same format as above. Under 12 to All Age and over 35 play competitive 11-a-side football against other clubs on a full-size field. Matches are played on Sundays. 

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Parramatta City Council Phone: 9294 8586

Wet Weather Parramatta City Council




Parramatta City Council Phone: 9294 8586

Wet Weather Parramatta City Council



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Club Contacts

President | Peter Morrison
0413 014 558 |
Vice President Minis | Michael Zhao
0481 331 066 |
Vice President Juniors | Crystal Leung
Vice President Seniors | Jeremy Billings
0421 665 468  |
Vice President Womens | Rohan Primrose
0418 475 171  |
Registrar | Andrew Buchanan
0478 402 543  |